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Cooker hob Modular Quadra
Code product
Edge/Installation Type
Bevelled Edge - for flush-mount or over-mount installation
Ceramic glass
Single-phase: 230 V; Two-phase: 400 V; 50.60 Hz
Full description
Quadra Modular Composition - 4 fields - black
Heating element
Four zones
Built-in hole
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The system presented here is one of the possible compositions of the Modular System. Other compositions, as specified by the Touch Control element.
Total power
7.400 W
2.300 (3.000)* W
1.100 (1.400)* W
1.100 (1.400)* W
2.300 (3.000)* W
Power settings
9 power settings per zone + Powerboost
Safety equipment
Induction Hob
Type of commands
Touch Control
The arrangement of the elements is subject to constraints dictated by the lengths of the connection cables. Refer to the individual component specifications.
* Powerboost
Booster function provides increased power to the selected plate. In particular, when the Booster is activated, the plate works for ten minutes at a very high power that allows to heat quickly large quantities of water.
Pot detectorPot detector
All induction cooker hobs detect the pot resting on them, but they also calculate the area they cover. This system allows the energy to be used even more efficiently. Moreover, the plates switch off automatically when the pot is removed.
Smart fan systemSmart fan system
Correct ventilation is essential for the induction hob to function in the best possible way. The Foster system automatically regulates the amount of ventilation to suit the temperatures reached.
End-of-cooking programmingEnd-of-cooking programming
All operations are programmed by means of the touch-control on the glass itself. Each cooking plate is capable of independent programming, and thus the possibility to set different cooking times.
Slider commandsSlider commands
The Slider control allows for extremely quick temperature setting: with a light touch of the finger you may select the desired power level on the TOUCH display.
Indipendent timer from the end-of-cooking function.
Heat maintenanceHeat maintenance
Function that allows the food to be kept warm gently (70° C), without reaching boiling temperatures or risking to burn the sauce.
Go&stop functionGo&stop function
This device initially turns on the plates at maximum power until the selected temperature has been reached.
This feature allows you to call back the last settings selected in the previous cooking.
Useful function that allows you to distract your attention from cooking, interrupting and restoring the settings immediately.
All electric cooker hobs feature the most modern and sophisticated safety protections: Centralised power-off function; Child-proof safety lock; Residual heat warning lights. Induction models feature the following functions: Safety System that turn off the hob in the absence of the pot; Overflow... detector that automatically turns off the plate in case of liquid overflow; Automatic deactivation to prevent accidents caused by forgetfulness.
Modular Induction

Cooker hob Modular Quadra

B7365 040Modular system with free positioning on the work surface
Equipment2 x Piastra Modular Quadra 7364 270
1 x Piastra Modular Quadra 7365 300
1 x Piastra Modular Quadra 7366 350
1 x Touch Control Modular Quadra 7367 040
​​​​​​​1 x Modular Induction 7369 040
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